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    Number Eight

    Number Eight Turquoise, discovered in Eureka County, Nevada, in 1925, was an unexpected find during copper mining operations. This deposit contained some of the highest quality spiderweb turquoise ever discovered in Nevada. At its peak in the 1950s, the mine produced thousands of pounds of high-grade, gem-grade, and chalk turquoise. Remarkably, some of the largest turquoise nuggets ever found were extracted from this mine, including an astonishing 150-pound specimen.

    This turquoise is recognized for its distinctive spiderweb pattern, characterized by a golden brown or black matrix. The color of Number Eight Turquoise ranges from a very light blue to a dark blue hue, with the latter being particularly rare and highly prized as some of the finest turquoise ever sourced from the American Southwest.

    Although the Number Eight mine no longer produces turquoise, it continues to be operational and currently focuses on gold extraction.

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