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    Benny and Valerie Aldrich

    A husband and wife team, Benny and Valerie Aldrich started their careers as jewelers more than 30 years ago in a teepee near Prescott, Arizona. Now, with their jewelry featured in galleries across the nation, they maintain the superior quality of their inlayed jewelry by keeping their business small and true to its roots.

    The only formal jewelry training the Aldrich’s received was at a community college metal-working course. They experimented with their art by making jewelry for Christmas presents while Benny worked as a carpenter and Valerie raised their family. They also sold pipe stone and serpentine to artists from the Santo Domingo Pueblo, and began to shape beads from the rough stone.

    The unmistakable look of the Aldrichs’ style is inspired by nature; from the shimmer of seashells off the coast of Baja California to the turquoise mountains of Nevada, the Aldrichs’ innovative designs combine traditional hand silversmithing with colorful inlay.

    Benny and Valerie Aldrich were among the first artists to use gemstones for inlaying. They use only the highest-quality natural raw material for their jewelry. Valerie's creativity and color sense makes each inlaid piece a work of art, and each piece of inlay is completed individually by a single artist. Benny frames the finished inlay designs with beautiful hand-stamped silver or gold to create a one-of-a-kind original.

    The married pair of artists feel inspired to create jewelry that captures nature’s beauty in each perfectly crafted piece. Aldrich Art pieces are collected by people from New York to Santa Fe and California, and have been worn by many celebrities over the years.

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