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    Wyatt Lee-Anderson

    Born on May 22 1990, Wyatt is the oldest of Allison Lee’s three sons. It’s quite apparent that Wyatt takes after his talented Navajo father not only in appearance, but also in his skilled jewelry-making. Wyatt first learned jewelry making at the young age of 12 when his dad started teaching him.  His younger brothers, Kyle and Trent, are twins who are also talented young artists.

    In 2004, he won First Place in the Youth Division for his jewelry at the SWAIA (Santa Fe Indian Market).  Wyatt attended Central New Mexico Community College for a few years where he studied architecture.  Now he’s following his first love and is able to make jewelry full-time.  He’s inspired by both Jesse Monongya and Raymond Yazzie.  He also finds his inspiration from the beauty of nature, and enjoys venturing out to the mountains to find new ideas.  When he’s not making jewelry, he enjoys playing his guitar, camping, and fishing.

    Wyatt and his family make jewelry in New Mexico.  Along with silversmithing, the Lee family all cut and shape their own stones.  Wyatt enjoys testing his abilities and trying out new innovative designs.  When looking at his work, Wyatt’s young age is not apparent; the skills passed down from his father are combined with Wyatt’s ingenuity to produce classic yet contemporary work. Wyatt shows so much promise as an artist and will no doubt be as accomplished as his father Allison one day soon!

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