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Angie Reano

Angie Reano Owen, who was born and lives at Santa Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico, is a widely recognized artist of the traditional mosaic inlay and silver jewelry.  She has been acknowledged for revitalizing the mosaic style of jewelry at the Santa Domingo Pueblo in the 1970’s and comes from a family full of artists:  Joe I. and Clara Reano (her parents who taught her), Dean and Rena Owen, Donna Owen-Carey, etc.  

Early on she sold her jewelry along the portal at the Governor’s Palace in Santa Fe.  Since then she has done research on prehistoric mosaic work in museum collections of New Mexico and Arizona.  After a long search she was able to find a source for the Glycymeris shells used by the Hohokam people and began to make the mosaic bracelets like the Hohokam had done.

Angie starts by slicing the rough stones and shells into workable pieces then goes back and cuts them smaller for placing into the mosaics. After the pieces are set with an epoxy that she dyes black for contrast, the stones are then ground down, buffed and, finally, polished.

Angie has received numerous awards for her work and was chosen to participate in the international exhibition that opened the American Craft Museum’s new building in New York.

Angie taught all her brothers, sisters, and sisters-in-law the style of mosaic inlay, as she could not meet the demand of those who wanted her work. Angie is now also teaching her grandchildren, Daniel and Cory, the art of mosaic jewelry making.  In addition, she is teaching local neighbors how to use current lapidary equipment.