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Bob Robbins

“Silversmithing is a long-time hobby of mine. It really helps to know something like that. I didn’t have a teacher, but I occasionally got advice from other silversmiths. I just picked it up. I learned by trial and error. I love doing it. I think I’ll make jewelry until I lose my fingers or go blind.

I enjoy reading books on the history of Indian jewelry. Ever since I was small, I have loved seeing jewelry on my mother and grandmother. They wore a lot of jewelry daily. While I was in bed, I’d think about hte shape of the concho belt. Now I like to make the old-style conchos, the ones with the holes around the outside so you’ll never lose your hearing.

The Navajo people still love the heavy jewelry pieces and the dark blue turquoise. While I buy whatever turquoise is available, I like the dark blue color. Electric blue is my favorite turquoise color. Silver and turquoise come from underground. They are a sacred part of Mother Earth. We need to continually respect Mother Earth so she will provide these things for your today and for future grandchildren.

My bezzle is my signature. I make my own bezzle, a saw-tooth design that I find very popular with buyers."

Robbins is Tsi’naajinnii born for Tsenijikini, with Kinyaa’ aanii his chei clan and Todich ‘ ii ‘ nii his nalii clan.