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    In 1979, Boyd Tsosie was only 23. He was already among the top echelon of Southwestern jewelers / silversmiths (both past and present). Boyd was featured in Arizona Highways along with other greats like Jesse Monongye, his brother Richard Tsosie, Gibson Nez, James Little and Larry Golsch. These Navajo silversmiths all would go on to build fine reputations and set the standards you see today for Southwest jewelry.

    Boyd Tsosie studied with Kenneth Begay, the father of modern Navajo jewelry.  Before Kenneth Begay, Navajo Indian Jewelry was much like it had been for the past 100 years. Navajo jewelry had a strong Spanish influence. Which is entirely understandable since it was a Mexican silversmith (who learned from the Spanish) that taught the first Navajo to work silver.

    Boyd considers Kenneth Begay a major influence and carries on today inspired by his work. Boyd Tsosie continues to move Navajo jewelry forward and he generously shares his knowledge with other silversmiths.

    Boyd, working with his brother Richard, first gained widespread recognition for his soldered flower and leaf designs. Later, he moved his jewelry designs to a more complex, contemporary look.

    In recent years, Boyd and his son have given back to the Navajo Nation with a nonprofit to give counsel and help to those with substance challenges.

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