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    Charlene Laughing

    Charlene Laughing is from Crystal, New Mexico on the Navajo Reservation.  She is the daughter (and former weaving student) of award-winning weaver Mona Laughing.  She has three sons - Clint Williams, Dwight Williams, and Jacob Williams.  Charlene is passing down the creativity and skill of Navajo weaving to her children.

    As a weaver from early childhood, Charlene sold her first piece to a trading post in Crystal, New Mexico at the age of eight. She used this money to buy clothes and shoes for school.  Continuing to perfect her craft over the years, Charlene has produced exceptional weavings in both traditional and contemporary designs.  She prefers to work with natural dyes that she prepares herself from vegetal sources such as onion skins, teas, and coffee.

    Charlene says that weaving is a part of life and the way she was brought up.  Collectors from all over the world are grateful that she has been such a fine example of artistry in the Navajo culture and that she is teaching it to the next generation.  We look forward to seeing her finely executed work for many years to come.

    Learn more about Charlene Laughing's vegetal dying process for her wool (with photos).

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