Jason Takala Jr.

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    Jason Takala Jr.

    Jason Takala, Jr. is the son of the silversmith Jason Takala, the most-renowned artist for the "Man in the Maze" design.   Jason Takala, Jr. was born in 1991 and is from the Hopi Third Mesa.  He is a part of both the Parrot and the Kachina clans.   He learned jewelry-making from his father and was involved early as a kid.  He was taught various designs and traditional Hopi overlay silver work from his father.  He was also inspired by his Godfather, Spencer Nuetmia, who taught him a weaving style.   

    Right out of High School, Jason got into welding and he continued that career until a couple of years ago when he decided to go into jewelry-making full-time.  In his spare time, he’s an artist and enjoys drawing portraits and Kachinas.  He dreams of one day creating metal sculptures from his drawings.  He also has a young son, 4.5 years old, that he enjoys spending time with. Jason Takala, Jr. is a great up-and-coming artist with a bright future ahead of him!

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