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    Lee Begay

    Leander (Lee) Begay was born February 9th, 1970 in Fort Defiance, Arizona. He is the oldest of five children.

    Lee lived in Phoenix for 18 years, and it was the inspiration of his well-known younger brother, Darryl Dean, to start making tufa cast jewelry. He moved in with Darryl and Rebecca and they mentored him in the art of jewelry. His cousin, Philander, is also a great silversmith. Lee has fast become an amazing artist and his tufa cast is some of the best.  He likes to do mostly traditional styles.

    Lee has one daughter that has a bright academic future. In his spare time, Lee enjoys golfing, softball, and going to live sports events. 

    Lee has won several awards for his work. He really enjoys the art of jewelry and has blossomed into a highly respected jeweler in his own right. He is a fun, life-loving artist who we really enjoy working with. 

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