Luana Tso

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Luana Tso

Luana Tso is from the Chinle area of the Navajo reservation. Luana is a master weaver specializing in ceremonial sandpainting designs. As the oldest child Luana was removed from school in the eighth grade to help her mother care for her three sisters and three brothers. While at home helping with the children and housework her mother taught her how to weave. 

Luana loved weaving and was soon selling her work. Although she always intended to go back to school she married and started her own family. She had three sons and continued to weave full time. 

Throughout her career Luana has specialized in weaving ceremonial sandpainting designs. These designs come from the ceremonial sandpaintings made by a Navajo medicine man during multi-day healing ceremonies. Her details are incredibly precise, matching the sandpainting art with the difficult medium of wool.

Luana is one of our finest pictorial weavers and an absolute pleasure to work with. We have been buying weavings from Luana Tso since 1979 and hope to continue working with her for many years.