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Marie Jackson

Marie Jackson was born in her grandmother’s Hogan near Ganado. Her mother and father raised her and her older sister, along with 3 cousins who lost their mother. She was raised in a loving family, and her family worked hard. Her mother worked at the local hospital where she started as a cleaning woman, and worked her way up to helping in surgery due to her work ethic and intelligence. The family’s integrity influenced Marie to always do your best. Marie’s grandfather “Tulley Lincoln” was a medicine man. She remembers fondly all the gifts he would bring home.

Marie worked at the famous Hubbell’s Trading post, 1/2 mile walk from her home when she was only 17 years. She worked under John Young, Al Grieves and her favorite trader Bill Malone. It was there that began her love of all the arts of the Native Americans.

At Hubbell’s there were always demonstrations of Navajo Rug weaving. She would invite the ladies including Sadie Curtis to her home for lunch, and they would teach her how to weave.

It was through Hubbell’s Trading Post that she met Tommy Jackson. Tommy was a salesman, and a jeweler on the side in those early days. They both went into teaching after marrying, and Marie loved teaching Kindergarten and Special Education.  On the weekends Tommy would make jewelry, and Marie would buff. Eventually, Marie would make jewelry on her own and sign it “Marie”.

They still live in Ganado with many of their children and grandchildren living nearby, and some of the family live with Marie and Tommy. Marie is a kind, soft spoken woman with a big heart!