Michael and Causandra Dukepoo

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    Michael and Causandra Dukepoo

    Michael Dukepoo was a Hopi/Yaqui silversmith, son of award-winning jewelry artist Na Na Ping. Michael, and his wife Causandra, specialized in handsome cobble inlay, with excellent quality stones. Having learned jewelry-making from his father (and Causandra’s father-in-law), the renowned jeweler Na Na Ping, the Dukepoos are extremely technically talented. The Dukepoos quickly received recognition for their beautiful work early in their career. Noted for a sophisticated way with inlay, they reached new heights with magnificent bracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings.

    Sadly, Michael passed away on July 28, 2022. He leaves behind an amazing legacy of creative and beautiful art. While we will miss Michael greatly, Causandra is continuing to make the lovely jewelry this husband and wife team are known for.

    Causandra lives in Taos, New Mexico with their children. The Dukepoos take great pride in choosing only natural and high quality stones. You can be rest assured you are buying a high quality piece that you can enjoy for many, many years!

    3 products
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