Mona Van Riper

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    “I find making and designing jewelry exciting. There is always something new to learn.”

    Born and raised amidst the vibrant landscapes of Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico, Mona discovered her passion for silversmithing in 1976 at the Mabel Dodge Lujan House in Taos. Since then, the craft of making and designing jewelry has woven itself into the fabric of her life.

    Mona's early foray into jewelry design embraced the robust stamped Navajo style, crafted from hand-cast ingots and coins. Through the years, her artistic evolution has led to a more refined and contemporary aesthetic, all while preserving the distinctive old-world charm that defines her work. In 1992, Mona introduced engraving into her repertoire, adding a new dimension that broadened the appeal of her creations.

    Presently, Mona's distinctive jewelry pieces are born from the marriage of sterling silver, often with 18 karat gold overlays and intricate engraving. Her artistry often features the use of rare, high-grade custom-cut turquoise, adding a touch of exclusivity to her creations. The blending of precious and semi-precious stones imparts a timeless quality to her jewelry. Mona has won many awards and recognition for her work including winning the New Mexico Jeweler's Association Design Competition.

    11 products
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