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    Sarah Paul Begay

    Sarah Paul Begay is from the Indian Wells area of the Navajo reservation.  She was born in 1956, of the Edgewater clan and born to the One Who Walks Around clan.  Her maternal clan is Manygoats and her paternal clan is Towering House.

    At the age of six Sarah was introduced to the art of wool preparation and weaving by her grandmother, Ella Greymountain. Under her Grandmother’s watchful eye Sarah learned how to card and spin wool into the yarn she would use to weave a rug.  By age seven she had completed her first rug, a 2’ x 3’ Ganado Red that she sold to the trader at the Indian Wells trading post.

    Sarah Paul Begay is now a perennial award winner and is considered one of the finest contemporary Navajo weavers. Her talent and creativity is almost limitless, there's no style or design she isn't capable of weaving. In 2006, Sarah Paul Begay won Best of Show at the Santa Fe Indian Market for her weaving title, "The Navajo Universe".

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