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Ted Pavatea

Ted is the son of Tewa-Hopi potter Garnet Pavatea. Ted had an interest in art since the age of 6 years. He started showing art as an 8th grader at the Art barn in Flagstaff in 1967 with his paintings and drawings. He went on to study at the Institute of American Arts in Santa Fe, NM from 1971- 1973.  He also studied Advanced Design and Illustration at NAU from 1973-1975.

As a student at the Institued of American Indian Arts, he received a graphic arts award.  He later did a project with Grand Canon National Park Services, as well as illustrate a manual on campground services.  Ted then went on to work as an illustrator for Navajo Nation Family Planning during the summers of 1986-1988.  Ted also illustrated a children’s book for Educational use titled “Navajo Nation 1990.”

Ted started committing more time to being an artist in 1994.  He enjoys designing, painting and most of all carving from miniature to larger Kachina dolls.  He enjoys doing humorous dolls such as Tewa/Hopi clowns and Navajo clowns with animals.  He works hard to capture the spirit and movement of each piece with flare and detail.

“As an artist, I find it rewarding and educational, knowing the effects of creativity in the air and the feel for it.  I get my inspiration from my mother who use to tell me to make the most of my gifted talent.  She said that if I am not lazy, I will find rewards in my hands.  I find this at times very true, since I get my biggest satisfaction out of creating and exposing myself to the art world.”