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    Wes Willie

    Wes Willie's pieces are hand constructed with precision and unique insight. Innovative designs are paralleled with quality materials to manifest wonderful renderings of nature that may be adorned by all. Wes Willie combines precious metals with rare gems and minerals to produce beautiful masterpieces. He is an award winning artist because he takes the time to master his craft and execute his skill in a way that ensures durability.

    His work features turquoise from many different mines including Lander Blue, Bisbee Blue, Carico Lake, Royston, Fox, Morenci, No. 8, Lone Mountain and Indian Mountain to name a few. He also utilizes coral of many shades and colors including oxblood red coral from the Mediterranean. Wes Willie's color palate also includes Australian Opal, B.C. Jade, African Sugilite, Mid-East Lapis and many North American Agates such Arizona Fire Agate. Wes Willie adds these rare delights to sterling silver, gold or platinum to bring forth rare, one of a kind pieces.

    Over the years Wes Willie has acquired a skill and taste for color composition, fine lapidary and exquisite metal work. But it his unique designs that set him apart. His ability to find rare material punctuates his talent for creating his innovative designs. Wes Willie pieces are sought after all over the world, yet he remains open to build custom pieces to suit one's needs or preference without compromising the Wes Willie look.

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