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    David and Alice Lister

    Alice and David Lister met each other many years ago when they were childhood neighbors. They were bussed together to school in Holbrook, Arizona, during their grade school and high school years. Many years later they married in the early 1970’s.  They have seven children and three grandchildren.  Their daughters, Dee Nez and Clarissa Hale, continue on with the family tradition of silversmithing and jewelry-making. The Lister’s also raise cattle and horses on their ranch in the northeastern Arizona town of Dilkon.  Alice and David are two very talented artists who bring many years of experience and exploration to their artwork.

    Alice Lister recalls watching her brother-in-law, Charles Singer, make jewelry when she was a young girl. She also remembers her mother’s jewelry collection, and she likes to think back to that collection when she designs her contemporary pieces. Alice’s fascination with her brother-in-law’s work and her mother’s collection of “big” jewelry gives Alice inspiration to create the designs you see in her jewelry today. Alice is also an adept quilter and crafts quilts that mimic Navajo rug designs.

    David Lister has the ability to look at a piece of jewelry and recreate it with an unbelievable eye for detail. David started silversmithing and making jewelry in 1973 soon after he married Alice. He is a very creative and well-rounded artist with many talents. He learned silversmithing from his father, Clarence Lister, and has skill and interest in saddle making, leather work, painting and carving. David also makes spurs by hand. He attributes his ability to create interesting handmade stamps to his leather working and saddle making days.

    Alice and David love the older, more traditional style of jewelry and prefer to use heavy silver in their pieces. The Lister’s are known for their hand-cut stones and choose the best green turquoise to use in their pieces. Their handmade artwork spans across bracelets, concha belts, earrings, rings, hair barrettes, belt buckles, and necklaces.  Their pieces are adorned with colorful multi-colored stones, such as sugilite, coral, and turquoise. Alice are David are the sweetest couple and represent all aspects of the Navajo culture that we truly admire. We are their biggest fans and just love them!

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